Web Analytics


Implementing an online strategy without analytics is like driving a car without looking at your gas, speed, or mileage. Sure, you’ll be able to drive and move, but without knowing how fast you’re going or how much fuel you’re consuming, you’ll either crash or run out of gas. Either way it’s not pretty.

The same thing can be said about running a web campaign without looking at your analytics. If you don’t have any idea how your campaigns are doing or what’s bringing in traffic, you’ll end up spinning your wheels or crashing.

Don’t know how to work the analytics dashboard? That’s what we’re here for. Viber Agency can handle all your analytics so you can spend less time tracking or fussing about the numbers and devote more energy to improving your website, growing your business, and keeping your customers happy.


What we do

So what exactly do our analytics services entail? Here are some of the metrics (among others) that we can handle for you:

1. Traffic sources – One of the first things we’ll look at is where your visitors are coming from. Do they find your website via search? Did they stumble upon it through referral sites or are your PPC ads bringing in new visits?

The answers to the above questions will enable us to determine which of your online efforts are working, and which parts of your campaign need to be re-structured or re-considered.

For instance, if we discover that most of your visitors are coming in through search, then we know that our SEO efforts are working and we’ll find ways to further optimize your site and make you look good in Google’s eyes.

2. Bounce rate – We will also measure the amount of visitors that leave your site without completing a call to action. By doing so, we will be able to know which aspects of your site are ineffective and we’ll find ways to improve.

For example, if we find that your bounce rate for a particular landing page is higher than usual, we’ll tweak, test, and optimize various aspects of the page (i.e. call to action, graphics, copy, etc.) until we reduce your bounce rate to an acceptable level.

3. Conversion rate – Of course, we will also measure your conversion rate. How much of your visitors are actually moving forward with the call to action that you set? We will figure out what makes them convert and double down on our efforts in order to rack in even more conversions.

Again, this would involve tweaking and testing various aspects or pages on your site until we find the perfect recipe for success.

4. Visitors – We will also drill down on who your visitors are. What are their demographics? Where do they live? How did they find you? By looking into these things, we will be able to see if we are indeed reaching the target market that you set. Additionally, getting to know the types of people visiting your website will help us optimize its content and tailor it towards a specific audience in order to improve conversions.

Let’s say we discover that most of your visitors are coming from Asia. We can improve your site and make it more in line the Asian cultures and values so that your company can better appeal to the market.

5. On-site behavior – Some agencies simply analyze whether visitors convert or bounce. At Viber, we’ll go deeper. On top of measuring conversions and bounce rates, we will also look into the specific behavior of your visitors once they’re on your site. What do they do there? Where do they go? What pages do they visit and how much time do they spend browsing?

Again, these metrics will help us optimize the elements of your site and make sure that they entice users in the best way possible. For example, let’s say we figured out that most people bounce off after viewing your blog. This could be an indication that you’re not publishing content that resonates with them. Viber will then use this insight to improve your content strategy and publish better posts. Once we implement this, we will then revisit the metric and track whether or not users are converting more because of the change.

Do note that this is just a partial list of metrics that Viber would track. We completely understand that each website is unique. Not all metrics are applicable to every single business out there, which is why we are going to take the time to get to know your site goals before we start measuring and analyzing.

We will also see to it that we won’t waste your time and resources tracking vanity metrics. We’ll make sure that every number and metric we track is actionable and insightful for you.


Let’s start analyzing!

We can’t wait to dig into your site’s numbers so we can optimize it. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can take your web analytics to the next level.