Content Strategy

Content Creation and Strategy

In online marketing, content really is king. Putting out relevant, high-value content on a regular basis can benefit your business in more ways the one: It can help you drive more site traffic, engage your audience, and ultimately increase sales.

That being said though, while publishing blog posts, videos, infographics, [insert hot content type here] can certainly propel your business to the top, it doesn’t mean that content marketing is something that you can just dive into.

Content without substance or strategy can do more harm than good. It can result in you spending a vast amount of time and money churning content without getting results. In other words, you could end up spinning your wheels without getting anywhere.


The risks of not having a good content strategy

Here’s an example to illustrate why strategy is so important when publishing content:

John Smith, owner of Company ABC wants his blog to rank better in search results and is looking to increase comments and reader interactions.

He heard that publishing more content will help him accomplish this, so he proceeds to write more blog posts that talk about how great his business is, thinking that it’s the type of thing his customers want to read.

He also noticed the popularity of infographics so he pays a graphic designer to create one about his products and services.

John carries on with this for several months, but doesn’t see any results.

His site rankings haven’t changed and his blog is still a ghost town. As a result, John gets frustrated and decides to give up on content marketing completely because he thinks it doesn’t work.

The thing is, none of that would’ve have happened if John had taken the time to formulate a strategy. If he had determined what types of content he should be putting out there and the topics he should cover prior to forging on, he could’ve avoided all the frustrations and costs.


That’s where the power of content strategy comes in.

Viber’s content strategy services will entail the following:

Research – We’ll conduct thorough market research on your target audience and determine the best types of content to engage them with.

What are they interested in? What content types would resonate with them the most? And more importantly, how can we tie in YOUR brand to content that your audience would actually want to consume?

We’ll get the answers to these questions before even proposing a single blog post, video, or graphic to ensure that every dime you spend counts.

But we won’t stop at audience research. We’ll also take a look at what your competitors are up to. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? How are they performing in terms of content marketing and audience engagement?

We will drill down on all these issues so we can position your content and ensure that it stands out against your competitors.

In addition, we’ll take a look at the state of your business. Do you have existing content that we can repurpose or are we starting from scratch? Do you really need a blog of your own or should we focus on reaching out to influencers first?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy when it comes to content so we’ll be sure to get to the bottom of these matters before concocting a plan for your biz.

Budget – Writers, marketers, designers–getting them on board to produce top notch content can cost quite the pretty penny, and without the right strategy, you could end up throwing money down the drain or spend resources on stuff you don’t need.

To prevent this, we’ll be sure to come up with a plan that meets your needs and budget. Tell us how much you’re willing to spend and we’ll do our best to work with you.

And don’t worry; we won’t inflate your costs with unnecessary content tactics. We won’t tell you that you need to make a viral video just because everyone else is doing it, nor will we insist that you create an infographic just because it’s the hottest tactic of the month.

Our content strategy proposal will be based on real data, derived from research and industry expertise. Moreover, we have experience working with businesses on a budget so you can bet that we’ll keep a close eye on your costs.

Guidance and advice – Whether you’re looking for a partner that will hold your hand throughout the entire content marketing process, or just need someone to give you some light guidance, Viber has a solution for you. Want to execute the plan yourself and only need someone to come up with a general content strategy? That’s cool, too.

The bottom line is we can be as involved as you want us to be.


Let’s get to it!

Ready to get started? Get in touch with Viber Agency today and let’s formulate the right content strategy for your biz.