Content Creation

Let’s start off with a quick yes or no question: The more content you have, the better it is for your online marketing strategy.

Answer: Yes… and no.

A more accurate answer would be the more VALUABLE content you have, the better it is for you.

When talking about content marketing, churning out blog posts, video content, or graphics isn’t enough. You need to provide value with everything that you publish. To put it simply, your audience should be able to get something out of your content for it to be effective.

There’s just one problem: Producing high quality content on a regular basis can be time consuming and expensive. Mediocre posts just won’t cut it in this day and age. Why? For one thing, search engines are now cracking down on spammy, low-quality content.

Secondly, online users are more web-savvy when it comes to the stuff they consume. Netizens have high BS detectors, especially when taking in online content, so in order to fully engage, inform, inspire, or entertain them, you have to be sure that you’re sending out high-caliber pieces.

Enter Viber. We understand that you may not have the time or expertise to publish top-notch text, audio, or visual content on a regular basis, which is why we offer content creation services to help you meet your traffic, engagement, or sales goals.


What we bring to the table

At Viber, we have the knowledge, expertise, and passion for crafting valuable content. Whether you’re looking for something text-based such as articles and blog posts, or you need something that’s more visual in nature—like infographics or videos—you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

We can also work with you regardless of where you are in the content creation process. Do you already know the types of items you want to publish and just need someone to do the legwork? We can help.

Don’t know what types of content to put out there? We can be of assistance too. In fact, if you’re starting from scratch, you may want to check out our Content Strategy page, where we talk about how Viber can help you research and formulate an effective plan for your company.


Content types

So what exactly are the types of content we can create for you? Here’s a quick rundown of what we can accomplish. Do note that this is just a partial list of what we can do. If you have any special content needs, please bring it up with us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Text-based content. As its name clearly states, these content types utilize the written word to get their points across. Here are the most common ones used in online marketing:

Blog posts – Nope, we’re not referring to those self-centered dear diary posts. We’re talking about first-rate articles that your website visitors can actually learn from. We can produce posts that can get people to click, comment, and ultimately buy from you.

Newsletters – Do you collect email addresses in your business and are looking to keep in touch or keep your list engaged? We can help you accomplish that through e-newsletters. Whether it’s writing an email to make an announcement, share some tips, or just say hi… our content team can take care of it.

Long form content – eBooks, white papers, and other meaty pieces fall under this category. Best used for lead generation, these content-heavy materials take a lot of research and a lot of writing. And we here at Viber are more than happy to do both.

Visual Content. Contrary to what other may think, content isn’t just about text. Images and videos can also have significant roles in content marketing. Here are some of the visual content types we can help you produce:

Infographics – This content type is highly popular because it’s both informative and fun. Infographics turn data into eye-candy to make the information easy to consume, digest, and share.

Memes – Another content type that’s highly sharable, memes mostly leverage pop culture and humor to communicate their messages. They’re very popular on social sites such as Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Videos – From how-to videos and behind-the-scenes productions, to marketing materials and humorous videos, Viber can help produce engaging stuff that would give audiences the information or entertainment value that’ll entice them to pay attention to your brand.

User-generated content. There are times when you just have sit back and let your audience do the talking. User-generated content (aka UGC) is a type of content submitted by your viewers. They can come in the form of testimonials, tweets, video submissions, comments, etc.

Viber can facilitate UGC for you and get people talking and sharing about your company.


Let’s start creating

Ready to put out some awesome content? So are we. Get in touch with Viber and we’ll discuss all the needs you may have.