Design Philosophy, Community Interaction, Flexibility, and Consistency: Four Important Things a Content Creator Needs to Know
By , posted on May 20, 2016
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Running a website comes with a lot of challenges. As a content creator, you should already be aware of the basics of online marketing. Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, and Networking are just a few of the things that you need to know to find success online. But building a website from the ground-up isn’t as simple as just applying these principles. As a content creator, you’ll need to know more than just those three things.

Design philosophy, community interaction, flexibility, and consistency are four core ideas that every content creator should take into heart. Nowadays, running a website with original content and good marketing isn’t enough. There are so many new websites and blogs popping up every day that it’s getting harder and harder to compete. The biggest, most successful sites in the world know how to balance these four things. If you want to make it in the world of online business, you’ll have to as well.


What is design philosophy?

Design philosophy is important in a lot of things. Design philosophy is important in architecture, art, and in your case as a content creator, web design. There are a lot of ways to define what design philosophy is, but at its heart, design philosophy is all about aesthetics.

How does your website look? How does it stand apart from similar sites? What is its theme? Design philosophy answers all of these questions.

Why is design philosophy important?

Design philosophy plays an important part in the success of many businesses, both online and offline. Take Apple for example. Apple’s minimalist design for both its phones and Mac PCs is one of the reasons why the company is so successful. Everything Apple produces follows a certain theme, a certain design philosophy that is recognizable at a glance. Apple’s design philosophy extends to all of its products, making every piece of software or product feel like it’s a part of a greater whole.

As a content creator you want to make sure that every inch of your website feels thematically consistent. Good design isn’t about using fancy fonts and impressive graphics. Good design is about having a strong theme that is consistent and easily identifiable. Take Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, ebay, and Amazon for example. Practically every big website in the world adheres to a signature theme. As a content creator, you shouldn’t be focusing on designing a fancy looking website. Minimalism is the flavor of the year. A strong design philosophy these days uses clean lines, sleek architecture, and strong themes.


What is community interaction?

Community interaction is a content creator’s ability to stay in contact with his or her followers. Getting people to visit your site is easy. But being able to build a community around your content is just as important. Community interaction is one way to keep people interested in the content you produce. Community interaction can be manifested in a lot of ways. You can run contests, promos, or discussions. Basically any attempt to communicate with your followers is a form of community interaction.

Why is community interaction important?

A content creator has the responsibility of keeping his followers happy. A stable following translates to sales, ad revenue, and page views, among other things. One way to keep people interested in your content is to make sure that they’re getting what they want. People follow your site for one reason or another. Whether it’s the unique content you produce, or your unique writing style, it’s your job as a content creator to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Community interaction also allows you to form a bond with your followers. Proper community interaction also makes you seem more human, so to say. Not everyone wants to subscribe to a website just because of its content. Some people want to follow personalities. Some people also want to feel like they’re a part of a community. Making people feel loved and showing people that you care is a great way to keep them on-board.


What is flexibility?

Flexibility is a content creator’s ability to adapt. If you’re running a website or blog, you should be able to write about a variety of topics. Even if your site only focuses on a particular niche, it’s important for a content creator to be able to produce content that is relative to current events. Flexibility also correlates to other skills like innovation and creativity.


Why is flexibility important?

Flexibility is important for a content creator because of how competitive the internet can be. Whenever something big happens, you want to be the first person to write about it. Even news or trending topics that have little to do with the content you normally produce should be worth looking at. Trending topics are some of the best things that can drive traffic to your site. Being able to take advantage of these is a staple of a good entrepreneur.

At the same time, flexibility is important because sometimes things just don’t work out. A particular type of content might not be attracting a good amount of views, or a certain design decision might not have worked for the better. A good content creator knows how to make changes on the fly. He or she knows how to save his site when things are seemingly going downhill. There are a lot of ways to run a site, and a good content creator knows when to fold his hand if something isn’t working.What is consistency?

Consistency is basically a content creator’s ability to release things on a schedule. If you’re running a blog for example, you don’t want to just publish things whenever you feel like it.


Why is consistency important?

Consistency is the result of a content creator who has a good sense of personal discipline. Most content creators who are just starting out have a hard time convincing themselves to work. Running a blog or website is hard and stressful. It’s easy to get distracted on the internet. A good content creator knows how to set both a work schedule and a publication schedule.

The key to running a successful website is a steady stream of good content. Quantity is just as important as quality. It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if you produce things at inconsistent intervals, maintaining an audience is going to be hard. People might like your content, but they’ll have a hard time knowing when you’re going to produce something new. Some people might not bother themselves with the off chance that you might publish something soon. Maintaining consistency helps your followers better keep track of the content they enjoy. If you consistently release content once a week, your followers are going to keep coming back for more, providing you with a steady stream of visits. As a content creator, you have to always make sure that your site is always active.