April Fool’s 2014: A Roundup of the Web’s Best April Fool’s Jokes this Year
By , posted on April 10, 2014
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April Fool’s for 2014 may have been over a week ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t revisit the antics of websites, ecommerce merchants and other individuals this year. If you missed out on some of last week’s jokes or if you’re looking for a good post-April Fool’s laugh, here are Viber Agency’s top picks for the web’s best April Fool’s jokes of 2014:


Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

The search giant was one of the first companies in the April Fool’s scene, unveiling the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge on March 31st. According to Google, they were looking for Pokémon Masters to join the team. Apparently, “dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps”.

The job of these Pokémon Masters is to find the lurking Pokémon using their Google Maps iPhone or Android app and “catch ‘em all” with the help of their Poké Ball.

Users must download the latest version of the app to participate in the challenge. For hints, they can also follow Google’s social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and of course Google+.



This year, Netflix jumped into the April Fool’s Day fray by releasing two new original movies: Sizzling Bacon, described as “The boundaries of TV and time go up in smoke with this tasteful, “Memento”-style puzzle that takes the viewer out of the fire and into the frying pan.”

There’s also “Rotisserie Chicken” which is described as “In the tradition of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” witness a searing, chronology-defying return to one’s origins that stokes the imagination.”

Too bad these movies are no longer available… they would have been all-time classics!


Birchbox updates app with some drastic features that would change people’s lives

Last week, beauty subscription service Birchbox published a post announcing that its app “just won the Internet” thanks to some snazzy new features like:

Insta Product-ID – Want to know the brands behind your friends’ make-up? With this app, you don’t even have to ask. Just take photo and the Birchbox app will “tell you what she’s wearing—all the way down to the wrinkle cream.”

World-Class Shaving Support – For the guys, Birchbox has a new trimmer attachment that goes with its app. Just attach it to your phone, input a custom stubble style or select from the app’s templates and start shaving.

Self-EAZE® Glamour Shot Generator – For the selfie-photographers, Birchbox supposedly introduced new features including “Super-Selfie Mode” which provides real-time feedback on lighting, framing, and more. It also has an “insta-delete” feature for those who go over their daily selfie limit.

Now, at the end of the post, Birchbox was quick to come clean that everything was just in the spirit of April Fool’s (you know, in case Captain Obvious forgot to tell you). But what we love about Birchbox’s April Fool’s effort is that the company offered a special promo to users for being such good sports. Birchbox provided a promo code that allowed shoppers to earn 5 points ($5) when they spend fifty bucks or more.


Twitter pre-announces the Twitter Helmet

This year, Twitter kept its April Fool’s antic short, quick, and simple. The microblogging service published a post pre-announcing the Twitter Helmet, “a sophisticated, fully immersive, staggeringly high-resolution wearable device that allows our users to interact with the world around them entirely via a custom aviary interface.”

Poking fun at the whole wearable technology craze sweeping the world, Twitter claimed that the product is made with impact-resistant, oleophobic-treated glass and lets users tweet simply by moving their head in a pecking motion.

Supposedly available this fall, the Twitter Helmet will sell for $139.99 and can be purchased with accessories such as cell and WiFi signal boosters, a carbon fiber chainstrap with optional wattle-form factor microphone, and a falconry hoods-inspired leather case.


Bonobos introduces TechStyle

Twitter wasn’t the only one to make fun of wearable tech this year. Apparel e-tailer Bonobos also went a similar route with its TechStyle joke.

In a hilarious video, Bonobos shares the groundbreaking features of its TechStyle products including “Wi-Fiber”, which lets you stay connected to the world around you; “Smart Fabric”, so shirts can actually know you… and share way too much with people; “Social Connectivity” a function that automatically pushes out social posts (even if you don’t want it to); and “Full Body Synchronization” that gives you access to GPS, call answering, one shake purchasing, and a silent alarm.

Now, there are still a few glitches to the technology, but you gotta admit, wearable tech is so in right now.


Northeastern’s texting lane

This year, Northeastern University proved that April Fool’s isn’t just for hip people, tech companies, or e-tailers. On April 1st, the school announced on its site that it would install “text-and-walk” lanes around the campus so that individuals glued to their phones can walk around campus while reducing awkward collisions with people, doors, garbage cans, benches, and more.

To further aid texting-and-walking individuals, Northeastern will deploy student volunteers at the end of each lane to guide text-and-walkers. And in order to get the attention of people wearing headphones or are showing no signs of stopping, “volunteers will also be dispatched with air horns and buckets of confetti to use at their discretion.”


April Fool’s classroom prank

This next prank isn’t from a brand or a website, but it sure is making rounds on the web up to this day. Students at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids Michigan decided to pull a creative prank on their professor.

Apparently the professor had a policy stating that whenever a phone rings in class, the student must answer it on speakerphone. The students arranged to have a friend call one of them on April Fool’s Day. One of the female students answered her phone and the person on the other line announced—for the whole class to hear—that her pregnancy results came back positive and that even though the father was no longer in the picture, they’ll be with her every step of the way.

The professor fell for it hook, line, and sinker, but he was an extremely great sport about the whole thing.


Your turn:

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